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Right between Melbourne and Sydney is the seemingly quiet regional city of Wagga Wagga, which is growing fast and has become a favorite for tourists. With so much to offer, what stands out most are the welcoming and very friendly locals. You will feel right at home among such a warm group.
It’s all about fun and adventure at the AirZone in Wagga. This extensive indoor play arena is definitely a must visit for the fun –lovers who also appreciate a nice rush of adrenaline. The AirZone is home to numerous inflatable play items including bouncing castles, slides incredible challenge courses and inflatable obstacle courses. You will surely be spoilt for choice.
It’s definitely the spot for some wholesome family fun for those who are visiting as a family. There is something for everyone, with units differently sized and designed for both kids and adults. You need not worry about your youngest being left out on all the fun as there is a special zone that is set apart for the safe play of kids under the age of five.
At the AirZone, it is all about getting loose and enjoying the moment. The friendly supervisors are at hand to provide any assistance and instruct on the safety regulations to observe as you play. Yours will be to just have the tie of your life as the team keeps a keen eye out for any issues.

The standard duration for each session is two hours. That is two hours of excitingly amazing fun and memories to keep with you for a lifetime. In those two hours, you can choose to go on any of the available play items as best meets your preference. If that is not enough time for you, you are always at liberty to go in for another round at your own pleasure.
Owing to the fact that it is an indoor arena, you do not have to worry about bad weather cutting short your fun times. You have the guarantee of optimal protection from the elements as well as a conducive environment that is serviced by a reliable ventilation system.
Join in on the fun, meet and interact with the locals and others tourists as all roads lead to the AirZone Inflatable Entertainment Centre. It is definitely the place to be as you spend hours on end having an incredible and fun time on the jumping castles and other inflatables.

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