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Being away on holiday should not automatically translate to you missing out on your most enjoyed activities. For golf lovers, this means that you should and can still get to enjoy a game of golf even on foreign soil.

Australia is home to some of the most coveted golf courses and while you are on holiday, you can sure take the time to enjoy playing some golf. Visiting art galleries, museums, animal sanctuaries, Water Park is a lot of fun, and adding in a day of pure relaxation where you get to play your favorite game makes for a perfect itinerary for your trip. Indulging yourself to some hours of golf is a great pastime activity as you take a much deserved break from all the moving around.
Over the years, more and more bodies overseeing the management of different golf courses across the country have joined the synthetic turf trend and installed the same on their courses. This has proven a smart choice owing to the thousands that management saves every year in watering and maintenance. Additionally, increased playability owing to the incredible features of artificial grass has always been a great motivator for the switch from natural turf.

What You Get
As a player, you get to enjoy playing on a visually attractive surface that stays a pristine green at all times. Secondly, synthetic turf provides a consistent and level playing surface throughout the course and you do not have to worry about bumps and areas with evident depression due to heavy traffic affecting your play. You can be sure that you will not be turned away at any time during the year due to bad weather because the artificial grass has superior drainage properties. This means that you won’t have to wait for a few days after it rains to get to play. For a foreign tourist like yourself this could mean that you will have already left the country by the time you can get an all-clear for playing. Tied to this is the fact that you will not have to worry about spending precious hours off your holiday time getting mud off your shoes as would be the case with natural turf after some rains.

You will find that some golf courses use artificial grass just for the putting greens, while others have the entire course lined with beautiful synthetic turf. The benefits cannot be understated and you can be sure of one of the best plays you will ever experience as a golfer, amateur or pro.

Your Pick
All across Australia, there are a number of local council/public areas as well as recreational and leisure centers with artificial grass golf courses. There are many local golf clubs including the Centenary Park Golf Club in Melbourne, which definitely set the stage for many other clubs across different cities in the country to install fake turf. The Croydon Savannah Golf Club in Queensland is definitely a stop worth considering.

With so many options to choose from, the world’s first, large synthetic golf course cannot surely escape the mention. The 18-hole synthetic course at the Reef Pal Resort in Zilzie Bay is the pride of the Queensland golfing community. It’s an absolute delight to play on this course of international repute and definitely worth a try on your next visit to the country.
Playing golf is quite relaxing, and you can always turn it into a competitive sport for you and your friends. Synthetic turf golf courses make it all the more exciting and in Australia, there are many courses you can choose from for that great play. Have a taste of teeing away on synthetic turf and it will be no surprise if you choose to organize for a pure golf holiday for the next visit.

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